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July 31, 2009

LibraryHours at the Side Door

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Library Hours is on for this Thursday at the Side Door, it’s close in SE on Washington and Grand just around the side of Slow Bar. They have awesome salads with homemade dressing, a full bar, wi-fi, and best of all Happy Hours from 4-6 and 10-12! Open anytime after 2, they’re expecting us all night.

Please spread the word and see you there!


July 12, 2009

Library Hours launches!

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Update: Here’s new coverage in the Portland Mercury (page 36 in print).

We’re on! Grab your books, your drawing supplies, your laptop, and come to the first Library Hours this Thursday, July 16th, at The Blue Monk. We’re starting at 7pm and going late. Happy hour prices last until 8!

If it gets crowded, please share your table. And remember to thank our hosts, the Blue Monk!

More bars coming on board soon, in other locations. Know a bar interested in having Library Hours? Email workingfrombars at gmail and I’ll put it on the calendar.

Here’s the Facebook event.

Thanks for helping make this happen! Seattle, you’re next? Do it!

July 8, 2009

Library Hours launch in Portland

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Conversations are happening at the Facebook group and on Twitter @LibraryHours. Once nights are set, they’ll appear on the calendar at right and be announced via those social networks. See you soon!

library hours

Are you a night owl with a project? Are you a freelancer working from home all the time? An artist who needs to get out of the house? A book lover who wants to have a beer?

I’m starting Library Hours, a night where an appointed bar will turn the music down, the lights up, and discourage drunk squealy people.

We get to bring our laptops, our books, our drawing supplies, our knitting, whatever your project is, and order a beer or snack, hang out and get in some quality time. Coffee shops are great for getting things done on weekends, why not have that atmosphere at night, with drinks? Plus you get the presence of other people as subtle support. Meet other people, or just do your own thang.

I’ve contacted a few initial bars, but I need to show support in numbers so they know it’s worth their time. I could also use your suggestions for bars that might be open to this–think places that die down after happy hours on weeknights.

Portland Mercury blog coverage of Library Hours

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Inspiring some support, some haters. The haters bring up good points–this wouldn’t be in a popular bar on a popular night (doy), and if it gets crowded, people should share tables.


July 7, 2009

Bars suggested so far

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  • Tiga (*)
  • Tugboat
  • Belmont Inn
  • Side Door (*)
  • Gilt Club
  • Goodfoot
  • Fuel Cafe
  • Virginia Cafe
  • McMenamin’s smaller bars
  • Beulahland
  • Bye and Bye
  • Bailey’s Taproom (*) –responded, open to it
  • Blue Monk (*)
  • Tanker (*) –responded, open to it
  • Tiny’s Hawthorne (only open until 10, no liquor)

*=contacted, no word yet

Contacted but declined:

  • Random Order Pie House

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