Library Hours in Bars

*Want to start Library Hours in other cities?

People from Seattle, LA, and Tuscon have all expressed a desire for Library Hours in their cities. Great, start one! This is an open source idea, run with it. Please send me information about your night to post on the blog and calendar!

Here’s how to start your own Library Hours in your city:

  1. Identify a group of people as your core group; think book clubs, freelancer groups, artists, writers. Getting a few people involved early is important for spreading the word and for maintaining your own enthusiasm.
  2. Start up a way for people to learn about Library Hours, and also to catch the attention of people outside your circle. Posting on Yelp got us noticed by the local paper. Twitter and Facebook are also easy ways for people to stay updated and give feedback. On Twitter, do an advanced search for people near your city with keywords like #writer #books #artist #freelance
  3. Identify some bars. Think of places that are not crowded on weeknights, that have lots of tables, and who have wi-fi. Good lighting is important too.
  4. Contact the bars. Feel free to use the copy from this blog to tell them what it’s all about. They will set the day and hours, you will bring the people. Ask if they would be willing to offer a drink special for Library Hours guests. No harm in trying!
  5. You’ve got the spot, now get the word out. This is where Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp (Events section) come in handy again. Make the information concise, but welcoming to all, and it will get passed around. Include @LibraryNight or send an email to to share!
  6. Enjoy!

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